How to prepare old and unmaintained homes for sale or rent

How to prepare old and unmaintained homes for sale or rent

October 22, 2014


By Anna Garcia, photographer and home stager

With this article, we started a series about How to prepare some specific types of housing for sale or rent without having to make a great investment. We look at the floors old and without too much maintenance and we suggest you tips and home staging actions so that you can market to them more successfully.

Some classified adverts apartments may be surprised by its outdated appearance or State of abandonment they are, that we can see in the pictures. The majority of flats old-fashioned décor, almost from another era, tend to show is loaded with personal belongings and memories of the people who lived there. Others, they suffer the abandonment of the owners, lack of maintenance and need a wash face. If you have a floor of these features in your portfolio, your goal is to make it a comfortable place, whereby anyone can imagine living, to sell it or rent it quickly.

In many cases, this type of houses are advertised at prices below the average in the area, attracting so many visits by users. However, the bad image which is projected housing, discourages potential buyers or tenants. Moreover, it is usual that photographs are not of good quality.

As a real estate professional, you can get you hands to work. It will be necessary for you to convince the owner that should improve housing for visits in the portal - attracted by a low price - to become interest applications that will facilitate the sale or rental.

In addition, it is recommended that you carry out some specific actions that will not mean a great investment, as responsible for cleaning, throw broken furniture, repairing small imperfections that can be seen with the naked eye and, finally, paint the dwelling or only most outstanding rooms you want to show in the photographs.

We propose some changes to achieve final results. Let's go by parts.

In the living room, the goal is to show your space and expand the light

Clear the stay is essential to teach the area of the main hall.

• It will be convenient to place curtains clear; and carpet and sofa covers, to enhance the light. The antique furniture, which tends to be Brown, does not help.

Light colors also updated the overall look of the room.

• You can also put some current objects of decoration so queer place.


In the kitchen, the aim is to stress that it is functional and practical

Cover the drawing of the tiles to update the look of this piece.

Select a neutral paint color, to match the furniture.

• It will be necessary to clear surfaces of the kitchen to give sense of order.

Place only some utensils of kitchen that harmonize with the furniture.

• Make the photo gallery can be setting the table for breakfast –being plates, cups, napkins, tablecloth...-, which will help create a feeling of home.


In the bathroom, the goal is to convey sense of cleaning

Paint the walls in a neutral tone that unite with the health.

• If you can, change the mirror and curtain in the bath.

Place clean towels, folded, to reinforce the appearance of cleaning.

Liven it up with a vase with flowers or other decorative detail.


Rooms, the objective is that they are comfortable

Paint white walls is the easiest and most effective solution

Remove the furniture does not need a room to be shown and place the bed and the bedside table instead natural.

Cover the bed with a white quilt and cushions, and the window, with a smooth shades.

Place any picture and lamp on the bedside table.


These basic modifications - you can apply whenever necessary - will contribute to housing a look more pleasant, comfortable and cosy and anyone can imagine living there.

The last phase will consist of photographing stays in order to further emphasize its positive aspects. Looking for the warmth and create beautiful to attract the eyes of users Portal and generate more requests for information, which will facilitate the sale/rent.

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